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Hot-sale products

  Product quality is the life of enterprises, and quality assurance system is an important guarantee for enterprises to produce high-quality products. The quality assurance system of our factory is as follows:

  1. Organizational forces have formulated guiding documents and a set of rules and regulations for enterprises.

  2. Hire a part of professional and technical personnel, each key post is equipped with the corresponding technical force.

  3. In order to ensure the normal operation of the management system, the company has paid close attention to the training of staff and workers, organized them to study laws and regulations, and managed legally, and strictly prohibited the production of counterfeit and inferior commodities. Consciously safeguard the reputation of enterprises.

  4. The inspection procedure of the whole production process is strictly stipulated, and a complete set of testing equipment is allocated. Continuous monitoring is carried out from the entry of raw and auxiliary materials to the exit of finished products.

  As the company has established a quality assurance system, it has laid a good foundation for enterprises to stand firm in the fierce market competition. We believe that as long as we constantly improve our own shortcomings and persevere in quality management, more users will be willing to cooperate with us.

  Pre-sale service commitment:

  1. Provide product design and manufacturing with special needs to meet the individual needs of customers.

  2. The company strictly produces and delivers the goods according to the agreed time of the contract.

  After-sales service commitment:

  1. Implement three packages of products for sale. During the three-packages period, if there are problems caused by the quality of product manufacturing, factory overhaul, replacement and return; for problems caused by other reasons, factory actively assists users to solve problems, so as to ensure timely delivery of products and minimize accident losses.

  2. Installation and commissioning of major equipment, and on-site technical services are provided by technical experts headed by deputy engineers to help users solve various problems. Key projects are represented on site.

  3. When the company's products arrive at your site, the technical staff will be responsible for assisting in guiding installation, commissioning and other work.

  4. Actively cooperate with suitable users to do well in the field operation and maintenance of products, and can provide spare parts and accessories of our products to users at cost at any time.

  5. Adhere to the principle of quality first and user first, and always obey the call of users. When on-site service is needed, our factory guarantees to give a reply within 24 hours after receiving notification from users.

  6. The company is responsible for the free maintenance of the equipment if there are any quality problems in the maintenance scope. It will arrive or reply within 2-5 hours after receiving the telephone call from the user.