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Standard for Elastic Column Pin Coupling

Standard for Elastic Column Pin Coupling

Elastic sleeve cancelling coupling standard basic type, with brake wheel type GB/T4323-2002 elastic column pin coupling standard basic type, with brake wheel type GB/T5014-2003 radial elastic column pin coupling basic type, single flange type, with brake wheel type, connecting intermediate type JB/T7849-2007 elastic column pin gear coupling standard basic type, connecting intermediate type, with brake wheel type GB/T5844-2002
JMI diaphragm couplingMLZ Single Flange Plum Blossom Elastic CouplingFlexible elastic coupling

  Interpretation of the Latest and Most Full Coupling Standard

  Basic type of flange coupling, middle tenon type and middle ring type GB/T5843-2003

  Radial key rigid coupling basic and portable JB/ZQ4377-1997

  JB/T7006-2006 of Rolling Bearing and Sliding Bearing Types for Parallel Shaft Couplings

  Clamping type FJ165-1979

  Vertical HG5-21-65

  Basic Type and Metal Disc Type of Slider Coupling JB/ZQ4384-1997

  Basic Type of Double Roller Chain for Chain Coupling GB/T6069-2002

  Roller Coupling Spherical Roller Drum Special JB/T7009-2007

  WS Double Coupling and WSD Single Coupling JB/T5901-1991 for Cross-Shaft Universal Coupling

  Cross-Shaft Universal Coupling SWP Partial Bearing Base Type JB/T3241-2005

  Cross-Shaft Universal Coupling SWC Integral Fork JB/T5513-2006

  Cross-Shaft Universal Coupling SWZ Integral Bearing Seat JB/T3242-1993

  JB/T7846.2-2007 Special Type of Cross-Shaft Universal Coupling Corrector

  Basic type of ball cage universal coupling GB/T7549-1987

  Ball cage universal coupling heavy-duty JB/T6140-1992

  Basic type of slider universal coupling JB/ZQ4384-1997

  JB/T7846.1-2007 Special Type of Slider Universal Coupling Corrector

  Spherical Joint Universal Coupling Single-spherical Joint and Double-spherical Joint JB/T6139-2007

  Plum Blossom Elastic Coupling Basic Type, Single Flange Type, Double Flange Type and Brake Wheel Type GB/T5272-2002

  Elastic sleeve cancelling coupling basic type, with brake wheel type GB/T4323-2002

  Elastic pin coupling basic type, with brake wheel type GB/T5014-2003

  Radial Elastic Column Pin Couplings Basic Type, Single Flange Type, Brake Wheel Type, Intermediate Shaft Joint JB/T7849-2007

  Elastic column pin-tooth coupling basic type, connecting intermediate shaft type, with brake wheel type GB/T5844-2002

  Tyre coupling with skeleton basic type GB/T5844-2005

  Integral, open, split and heavy duty JB/T10541-2005 for tyre coupling

  Basic type of elastic block coupling with safety pin JB/T9148-1999

  Basic type and double flange type of core elastic block coupling GB/T10614-1989

  H-type elastic block coupling basic type, with brake wheel type, with intermediate shaft JB/T5511-2006

  Saddle block elastic coupling JB/T7684-2006

  Polygonal Rubber Coupling JB/T5512-1991

  Elastic ring coupling GB/T 2496-1996

  Star elastic coupling JB/T10466-2004

  Serpentine spring coupling JB/T8869-2000

  Diaphragm Coupling JB/T9147-1999

  Flexible rod coupling GB/T12922-2008

  Reed Coupling GB/T12922-2008

  Bellows coupling SJ/T 126-1982

  Elastic tube coupling SJ/T 124-1982

  Film Coupling SJ/T 127-1982

  Internal Rise Friction Safety Coupling JB/T6138-2007

  Hydraulic safety coupling JB/T7355-2007

  Steel Sand Safety Coupling JB/T5986-1992

  Steel ball safety coupling JB/T5987-1992

  Serpentine spring safety coupling JB/T10476-2004

  Magnetic Powder Safety Coupling JB/T5988-1992

  Drum Tooth Coupling GICL JB/T8854.3-2001

  Drum Tooth Coupling GIICL JB/T8854.2-2001

  Drum Tooth Coupling WG Basic JB/ZQ4186-1997

  Drum Tooth Coupling GICLZ Wide Joint Intermediate Shaft JB/T8854.3-2001

  Drum Tooth Coupling GIICLZ Narrow Joint Intermediate Shaft JB/T8854.2-2001

  Drum Tooth Coupling GCLD Connecting Motor Shaft Extension JB/T8854.1-2001

  Drum Tooth Coupling WGP with Brake Disc JB/T7001-2007

  Drum Tooth Coupling WGC Vertical Installation JB/T7002-2007

  Drum Tooth Coupling WGZ with Brake Wheel JB/T7003-2007

  Drum Tooth Coupling WGT Joint Intermediate Sleeve JB/T7004-2007

  Drum Tooth Coupling WGJ Joint Intermediate Shaft JB/T8821-1998

  Drum Tooth Coupling NGCL with Brake Wheel JB/ZQ4644-1997

  Drum Tooth Coupling NGCLZ with Brake Wheel JB/ZQ4645-1997

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