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Suitable for renewal of impeller shaft, thrust shaft, transmission shaft and winch shaft coupling of mud propeller pump

Publisher:Jinchi Machinery and Equipment

  Suitable for renewal of impeller shaft, thrust shaft, transmission shaft and winch shaft coupling of mud propeller pump

  1. Materials: ZG25 II, ZG35 II, HT200; Q235A, A4, A5, 20, 25, 30, 35 steel.

  2. Castings should be annealed and forgings normalized with hardness not less than 179-197HBW.

  3. The surface of castings should be cleaned up without excessive meat, scarring and sand sticking.

  There should be no cracks, sand holes, air holes, shrinkage, slag inclusion and other defects which can not be removed during mechanical processing and affect the quality of castings.

  Cracks on steel castings, such as cracks with a depth not exceeding 1/2 of thickness and a length not exceeding axle strength or flange width, are allowed to be repaired after the defects are eliminated. For defects such as sand holes, gas holes, shrinkage holes and slag inclusion, if the depth does not exceed 1/2 of the thickness and the diameter does not exceed the thickness of the place, it is allowed to repair welding after the defect is eliminated.

  4. The surface of forgings should be clean, and there should be no defects such as oxide scale, folding, delamination and cracks.

  5. The coupling and shaft of the red sleeve shall meet the requirements, and the final finishing shall be carried out after the red sleeve.

  6. The couplings with taper holes shall be finished after assembly.

  7. The coupling welded with the shaft shall be annealed after the welding is completed, and the final finishing shall be carried out.

  8. The center hole roundness and cylindricity of the coupling should not exceed 0.02mm.

  The flatness of rigid coupling should not exceed 0.03mm. The perpendicularity between the plane and the center line of the rigid coupling should not exceed 0.05 mm/mm. The requirement for the elastic coupling can be doubled as compared with the requirement for the rigid coupling.

  9. The screw holes of the interconnected coupling shall be jointly reamed.

  10. The outer diameter of the interconnected coupling should be the same, and its error should not exceed 0.03mm.

  11. The pin hole and the elastic sleeve hole of the elastic column pin coupling shall have the same pitch diameter, and the error shall not exceed 0.1 mm. After aligning the two coupling, the center of pin hole and elastic sleeve hole should be aligned, and the coaxiality should not exceed 0.1 mm.