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What are the advantages and disadvantages of elastic pin coupling

Elastic pin coupling is an elastic pin made of non-metallic elastic raw materials according to the size of pin holes in the two-half coupling, which is connected by the flange holes of the two-half coupling.

Introduction to the Classification Characteristics of Pillar Pin…

Because of the manufacturing and installation errors, the deformation after loading and the influence of temperature change, the two axes connected by the coupling will change their relative position, and the strict alignment is oft...

The Function and Principle of Adjusting Actuating Mechanism of T…

Speed governing device of steam turbine coupling is the key component to ensure the smooth operation of steam turbine. If the speed governing system fails and causes a large fluctuation of speed, it will cause some major equipment ...

Traction characteristics of shearer coupling

When the shearer coupling works, it needs to run in two directions. If the speed in one direction is positive, the opposite direction is negative. Usually the shearer moves forward under the action of traction, but when the shearer ...

Nondestructive Testing of Plum Blossom Coupling Forgings

1. The forgings of plum-blossom coupling should be free of cracks, white spots, folding, severe ingot segregation and serious non-metallic inclusions. 2. Ultrasound inspection of plum-blossom coupling forgings is carried out in acc...

Differentiation between Star Elastic Couplings and Plum Blossom …

Star couplings and plum-blossom couplings belong to elastic couplings. The combination form is an elastic body in the middle of two axle hubs. The form of hub claws of the two couplings is different, but they can be replaced each o...

What is the difference between the performance characteristics o…

The characteristics of elastic coupling: flexible coupling with elastic elements can transmit motion and torque, and has different degrees of axial, radial and angular compensation performance.

How to Maintain Coupling

Coupling belongs to the category of general mechanical parts, which is used to connect two shafts (active and driven shafts) in different mechanisms and rotate them together to transfer torque.

Loading of diaphragm coupling

Diaphragm coupling is a flexible coupling with metal elastic elements. It mainly relies on the stainless steel diaphragm in the middle to transfer the torque.

Required parameters for ordering standard couplings

When ordering couplings, if the couplings you need are standard couplings, the main data provided to us are the diameter and length of the shaft holes of the semi-couplings.