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Traction characteristics of shearer coupling

Publisher:Jinchi Machinery and Equipment

  When the shearer coupling works, it needs to run in two directions. If the speed in one direction is positive, the opposite direction is negative. Usually, the shearer moves forward under the action of traction. When the shearer moves along the inclined direction, the direction of action of the sliding force is the same as the direction of movement. If the inclined angle of the conveyor is large, the sliding force may be greater than the friction force, the shearer may slide by itself. If there is no effective braking force, the sliding speed will be faster and faster, and even accidents will occur. This requires the traction system to provide the driving force opposite to the direction of the shearer, to change the electric traction into braking force, so that the shearer can be safely lowered according to the speed required by the driver. The traction system of shearer is required to be able to pull in two directions, and to provide not only traction force consistent with the direction of shearer movement, but also traction force opposite to the direction of shearer movement. This is commonly referred to as the four quadrant traction characteristic.