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The Function and Principle of Adjusting Actuating Mechanism of Turbine Coupling

Publisher:Jinchi Machinery and Equipment

  Speed governing device of steam turbine coupling is the key component to ensure the smooth operation of steam turbine. If the speed governing system fails and causes a large fluctuation of speed, it will cause some major equipment accidents such as unstable operation, unit vibration, flying car and so on. The rich gas compressor driven by steam turbine is the key unit of catalytic cracking unit. If the unit shuts down, it will not only affect the normal production of the unit, but also cause significant economic losses.

  In catalytic cracking unit, a set of speed governing system used by steam turbine is composed of speed switch module, starter, amplifier and actuator. Its working principle is to produce the corresponding secondary oil pressure by comparing the primary oil pressure in the governor with the given value of the sensor signal. As the output signal, the secondary oil pressure is introduced into the staggered throttle and the input oil engine is amplified. The opening of the regulating steam valve is increased or decreased through the actuator, so as to control the steam flow into the turbine, achieve the purpose of regulating the speed of the turbine and ensure the output power of the turbine. Suitable for compressor load.